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How to make .vsq(x) file easily from .ust file

I have good news for those who want to make Vocaloid sing based on UTAU file. You can easily make a base file.
The procedure is as follows.

How to convert from .ust file to .vsq(x) file

The necessary items are as follows.

Follow the steps below to create a file for Vocaloid.

  1. Prepare .ust file
    It's OK even if it is already tuned. If it uses continuous sounds etc, you should remake it to one with single sounds
  2. Export .mid file from UTAU
  3. Import the MIDI to your Vocaloid Editor
    At this point the lyrics are included but all the phonetic symbols are "a".
  4. Insert lyrics
    You need to do it for each part. Select and apply the first note of the part, then the lyrics will be entered automatically.

Finished. Let's modulate it freely!

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