Cosmos and Chaos


I would like to listen to your words which is need by people in this dark world
Its sound is beautiful and make me calm
Vibrate all over the world

We want to become people who love the world, and love others, and love our own
I can. You can. We can.

I hate loneliness, too
You may dislike what makes you alone
So, we can't live alone
We always need help
We may be able to change this world
You and I may be unable to change it if we are apart

So, I do believe that "people" is a great word
We are not alone
We will become more better
I want to become the one who a part in the world. You want, too. Everyone want, too.
I hope those believe each other

Let's take part in the world
You may dislike what makes you alone
Let's love, people! Each other
We always need peace
You may be a person who like the weapon
You may like wars
You may be a pweson who like the fight
Like these, like quarrel, like kill...

But, those are not happiness